The Kingsbridge Experts: Claims Edition

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Olivia Bufton
19 Mar 2021 @ 09:03 am
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In this new series, we’ve sat down with the leaders of each department at Kingsbridge, to give us an insight into their daily role. We’ve started with our Claims Manager, James Morris, who has been with the company a long time - 16 years to be exact!  

We got chatting about the key elements of his role, what he enjoys about it, and how contractors can make a claim. If you are unsure about the claims process here at Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, rest assured you will be fully clued up by the end of this article.  

Good Morning James! Could we start with a quick overview of what your main responsibilities are at Kingsbridge?  

“The Claims function provides guidance and direction in respect of the claim process from start to finish. I engage with insurers, loss adjusters and solicitors. I meet with insurers to discuss the Kingsbridge scheme - in particular, large losses, anything which requires further discussion, and review the claims processes.” 

“I also provide claims settlement and guidance to the Kingsbridge Customer Services, and Underwriting teams, as well as managing claims for other parts of the Group.” 

What would you say is the best part of your job?  

“Obtaining the right policy response for the contractor, reassuring them we are here to help and guide them through the process, and that it is not as daunting as it may seem.” 

Could you explain the components of the policy to our readers and what they’re there for? 

“The scheme provides a broad coverage for a contractor’s insurance needs including Public Liability (PL), Employers’ Liability, Professional Indemnity (PI), Directors’ and Officers’ and Personal Accident (PA).” 

“Although claims could be made under any section of the policy, we mainly receive claims for PI, PL and PA, which would provide cover for:

1. PI – Claims made for negligence, errors, or omissions, resulting in a financial loss to the claimant. 

2. PL – Contractor has caused damage or injury to a third party property or person. 

3. PA – Occupational accidental bodily injury, which will be either commuting or in connection with the contractor’s work - such as a fall and leg fracture in the workplace, incapacitating the contractor from their role for a few months.” 

In your opinion, what is the best part of the Kingsbridge policy?  

“All parts are good, but the Personal Accident stands out for me. A contractor may suffer a serious injury resulting in several months off work. In some cases, a more serious injury sustained whereby the contractor may not be able to return work in their prior capacity.” 

“The benefit payable will cover some of their household out-goings. Most contractors are not eligible for government benefits if they are unable to undertake their role, therefore no form of income, and so securing payments under the scheme is very important for the contractor. Provision of Personal Accident cover is therefore very rewarding and can make a great difference to the contractor’s wellbeing.” 

How do customers make a claim and what does a typical claims process look like? 

“Claims usually come via our customer services team, where basic claim information is taken by the team. The policy documents and contractor’s details are forwarded to claims so I can review and speak to the contractor. Claims can be received directly from solicitors, insurers for claimants, or even via the courts. The priority is speaking to the contractor to discuss what has happened, and guide the contractor through the claim process, and engaging with insurers.”

What would you say to customers to put their minds at ease about making a claim?  

“The contractor has a good policy with a major insurer in Zurich with a high claim acceptance rate, that can and will respond to a valid claim. The contractor naturally will be worried if they have received a claim for Professional Indemnity and a demand for payment, and might be concerned they may have to meet the claim costs.” 

“I guide them through the process, explaining clearly what happens next, I reassure the contractor that they are not alone in dealing with the claim.” 

How can I make a claim? 

Don’t worry! If you need to make a claim on your policy, please get in touch with our helpful and friendly Customer Service Team on 01242 808740 (option 3). They will take you through the details of the process and pass this through to James on your behalf - he will be with you every step of the way. 

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